The Snyders... we may not have it all together, but together we have it ALL!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

What an amazing Christmas, We are so blessed! Even though the kids are older and its not as fun to see their little eyes light up when they open their presents, I still know how much they appreciate us, They tell us constantly. Its a different excitement. I just love spending time with them, Talking, Laughing, and eating!!! I cooked for 3 days straight, and had so much food! My whole family + the extras ate, Kim's family, Mom and Dad, Marci's whole family...AND THEN SOME!!!
Christmas eve, we coupled up, and made gingerbread houses. Eric and Lara almost broke up,(Eric said, people will ask why did you break up,...cause I didn't hold the gingerbread house up, the right way!")ha ha Kaylie called Brandon "bad names" and Collin, Conner, myself , and Bryan just gave up!!! I guess we don't have the patients, and my frosting was WAY to runny!! Mom took the "winner's" gingerbread house, home with her, which was Eric and Lara's, although Kaylie, and Brandon's was great too! We watched "old" videos from past Christmas's and how fun that was, I really miss those times, but love where we are at in our life's. I really felt a hole in my heart having Craig gone, but I know he was with us. I miss him so much!
It was fun to visit with everyone and I got to talk to Sherry which was wonderful, cause I have been thinking so much about her! It made my Christmas to hear her voice and talk with her...ONLY 1 more Christmas without her....
They all got great gifts and gave great gifts. I loved my pictures of Craig with the poem on it. Sadie made Collin a beautiful New York Yankees quilt. Eric got some coal...He must have been BAD! I have been overloading on pictures, so I am going to write more, and put up fewer pictures. I hope everyone had a great Christmas...

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Last but most importantly My Honey turns the big 5-0. Wow I thought I was getting old, although I act older than him sometimes. I don't think I could work 10-12 hours a day walking in the heat, and cold like he does. He is a wonderful husband, Dad, and provider! He works so hard and many hours of overtime to support our Family, then helps at home, and NEVER complains! That's how I measure success!

Kaylie 20th

The Princess turns 20, she wanted to spend her birthday at P.F personal favorite! Then go to temple square, and enjoy the lights, so thats what we did! It was a nice night, and it is always fun to be with my little Family! She also wanted confetti cup cakes! (NOT A CAKE) so again...thats what she got! She is the princess, and knows it, but at least she is a sweet one! Love you Kaylie!!!!


Since the last blog, Eric turned 21! Wow I really have a 21 year old??? We spent the week in Vegas! Imagine that! He learned quickly that you cant build these beautiful casino's if everyone won! It was so fun to spend time with Mom, and watch Collin play baseball. We had a beautiful room, and ate at all the best places! Of course Mom being so "nieve" made us laugh! What a great time.
When we got home, Eric picked Tepanyaki to have his Birthday dinner. What a fun way to spend his 21st! Him and Lara hadn't been dating very long at all, but they had been talking for a year, before they started dating...Don"t ask me what took so long!!

Blight Christmas Party 2010

We had our annual Christmas party at Noah's! What a fun place, but we had so many people we were smashed in there like sardines! But it was a great success and Mom and Dad were so proud.
We sure missed a few people, but know they were with us in our heart!

Our losses...

My Brother 2-10-57 - 11-12-10

As Many of you know, November was a extremely hard month for my Family. I lost my best friend. As I write this, I hope I can give him the tribute he deserves. As the tears roll down my face daily, I try and think of all the good times we had, there are so many I cant remember them all. I have been racking my brain to remember every moment. What an amazing man my brother is! We spent lots of time together, talking, going to lunch, playing, wrestling, hugging, helping our parents, etc. etc. He was more than words can even express, and it hurts more than anything, knowing he is gone...but for just a short time. We will be together, and I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that Families are forever! He taught me that!!! He loved the Savior, and everyone knew it! I know he was to perfect for this world, but it doesn't make me miss him any less. I feel selfish in saying that we needed him more, but I am not in control, and I am not angry, just sad!!! I miss you Craigy and am so thankful I can say we never so much as argued, EVER!!! We were the best of friends, and we loved each other, there was never a doubt!
Till we meet again, my HERO!!!!!

We also lost my Nephew, My sweet Neice had to bury her husband, and their 3 boys buried their Dad. What a great guy Nathan is. He was such a great provider, and loved his Family. I hope he is at peace, and I am sure Craig is up there teaching him, and has him arms around him! I pray always, that my Family will be stronger because of these trials, and know in their heart, as hard as things get, and though we dont always understand, there is a Plan. I love you Reudters!!!

I am back....

I have not written in 9 months. No excuses, but so much has happened! I cant believe how much changes in your life, in 9 whole months. Where to begin....
Bryan and I have been learning what it means to be "empty Nester's" kinda!!! With all our kids getting older they are still here...but not, if you know what I mean. I cook, clean up after them, but they are usually just curled up on the couch with their boyfriend/girlfriends! and we don't exist.

Eric is in love, and has found his sweetheart, They will be getting married, not sure when, It seems they keep moving it up. We will see! I am happy for them they are so cute together, and so in love. He is still in school for Physical Therapy, and is doing good! Helping run the Margetts buisness, and R.P.T.
Kaylie is dating someone special as well, She is just having fun right now and not looking to get married. I think her heart was broke this past year, and has her guard up a little, but she has met a great guy!!! She is doing amazing in school and is an over achiever! That's good cause she makes up for my "slacking" boys! She has 3 jobs, teaching preschool, teaching dance, and nannying for Alaina and Phil. She loves them all. She fits in Brandon, school, and Family!
Conner is focusing on "his body" and football. He has been lifting weights and going to the gym 2 times a day...can you say obsession! He gets up at 6am, lifts at school, then comes home and goes to the gym with a trainer, (Zack) He has dating a lot, found some cute girls, went to dances but says he doesn't have time for them. (That my Conner) He really has been working hard. I am proud of him cause it has been a lot of work and even though he knows he looks good... He really does! He is doing good in school and has a car, and driving all over, "knock on wood..." No tickets or wrecks!!! He loves to snowboard with Collin, they have a season pass and have spent some time there, this past month.
Collin on the other hand THINKS he has found the girl of his dreams. He is 15 "mind you" but has been dating Sadie for about 9 months. I love her, but I wish they would date others, they are so young! He loves to be with her and is happy when he is!!! They have gone to their first and second dance with each other. He loves baseball and has been lifting weights for that. He has passed his drivers test and drives all over, he cant actually get his licence til Jan 31. But he is ready and excited!!!